Love is a Decision
"Broken Together" by Casting Crowns

Marriage… The union brought together for better or for worse.. 

Face it, we find someone irresistible and we are attracted to them for many reasons. Through time, some of those attractions become stale and we're left with what we put into it. 

That is, we're left with the reality of two very real people with our quirks, mannerisms, and, yes, our very real brokenness. We are all imperfect. Yet our Lord shows us when we come together that we need something, or rather, someone that can complete the union and make it whole– Jesus does this through the Sacrament of marriage, and allows His Holy Spirit in to crush the deceptions, lies, and resentments that can develop. We can pray to Mary and Joseph- the perfect example of a beautiful holy marriage. Joseph- Mary's most chaste spouse- touched by God's Grace through the Angel Gabriel- whose name literally means "strength" reassures him that God will provide the virtues that Joseph will need in order to fulfill his deep love for and devotion to Mary- that selfLESS decision to love by giving of oneself to another. Joseph protects, adores, respects, guards, with humble obedience to the Father- which develops in him virtuous and holy confidence in the Lord's providence for the little Holy Family.

Mary with her humble fiat becomes the first Tabernacle of Jesus; her womb holding the Savior of the world. Once again, God in His Providence, has protected the sanctity of a union so blessed that love has become sacred, beautiful– holy…

In our brokenness; we fall into a trap of "married singles" in our modern day of instant gratification and horrid temptations. We seek satisfaction in the best house, car, school district, furniture…. only to find each other lost and lonely. Addictive behaviors can even take root in our self-seeking and we essentially lose our lives trying to seek happiness in our worldly pleasures. What can break that chain? Frequent visits to Adoration Chapels together, praying together.. listening to each other. When we decide to let go of earthly treasures and drop the phones, and go to the sacraments of reconciliation and Eucharist, we are fed and our souls unite and then, God has room to pull our brokenness together and make us unified in a love so deep.. so real that….myself? Well, sometimes I catch myself getting giddy over my husband's embrace when he wraps his strong arms around me. and sometimes at mass our hands come together and we know in our hearts that deepest satisfaction that only God gives.

St. Thérèse, patron of small souls

St. Thérèse understood well how being overwhelmed can pull us away from our one true focus- the Blessed Eucharist- this tiny host that we entrust to our mouth and partake of- is the source and summit of our faith. 

Christ “thirsts” for our reception of Him in Holy Communion- reverently and free from sin

Let us contemplate the very source of our life, our food for the journey. The Holy Eucharist. The actual presence of the body, blood, soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us prepare ourselves in small humble ways to receive Him, by becoming the holy ones He created us to be. Reconciling ourselves wholeheartedly to His Sacredness, His Holy Spirit, we become His precious jewels. 

Knowing it is not always believing it..

I know that God loves me. I’ve somehow always knew this; yet somehow, as a follower of Jesus in His Holy Catholic Church, I had a problem- many of us do it without batting an eyelash. I had a habit of comparing myself to others.. was I “holy enough” – and did I do all the right things to be “holy”enough.

After falling into that trap the Deceiver places before us, I became resentful. My faith waivered on people, not my Lord.

So after awhile- and after being totally distracted and lured into the world of social media- I came crashing down heart first into a pile of darkness.

My life changed. Out of the mud and tears I felt a presence so profound that no words can describe it. The Holy Spirit rescued me.

I went to confession and began a new life devoted to God.

Did everything get happy the next day? Oh my no. I had to accept the fact that my body had taken priority. The reality hit that I could have ovarian cancer and endometriosis, so surgery was inevitable. I had a total hysterectomy. Family, friends, clergy and Sisters from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel prayed-and the news was a miracle. No cancer!!

I owe my life to the Merciful love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He found me in the darkest places and rescued me from it and placed me on solid ground, wrapping me in His forgiveness and compassion.

So, I know now and believe in my heart that my surrendering my will daily to Jesus has given me so much- the freedom to be my authentic self- as His beloved daughter. And once I began to learn, from beautiful holy friends, priests, and my amazing husband, that I am loveable, I wanted to give back and “be love” as St. Thérèse says… and being love taught me how to really believe it. That I am loved by God! Just as I am! 

You Are too- We all are His beloved, and He is ready for you to respond to His invitation to let Him bring you “pardon, healing and peace in your life” (Fr. James Erving)

God bless you!