Music MondayđŸŽ¶ Being On Fire For God

Darren Mulligan of "We are Messengers"

Discovering musicians who have honesty and passion laying the groundwork for their music challenges one to seek the truth within ourselves. Hearing the Message from songs inspired by God moves one to open the heart to those "messengers set on fire" by the Holy Spirit and if the person's spirit is touched, it can not stay still; it moves to spread God's love everywhere, touching souls and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are Messengers:

One young Irishman struck by God's love could not turn back to his darkness once the light of the Holy Spirit captured his soul.

Darren and Heidi Mulligan and their children

His story inspires us to look deeper, to let go of selfishness and to respond to the Truth of our lives- that we are God's Beloved children. Mercy from God poured into Darren Mulligan and his song became the voice of Jesus.

Darren Mulligan:

" I am a Christian daddy, a Christian husband, a Christian racquetball player. I'm a Christian voter, I am a Christian gardener. Whatever I do, I do it in His name. I have no issue with bands that say, 'You know what, I'm an artist who believes in Christ but we're not Christian artists.' I get why you say that [but] I'm not ashamed of Him, what He has done for me, I will never…in my life ever turn around say, 'I'm not a Christian anything.'"

He concluded, "Everything I do is imbued with His goodness. The fact that I can breathe today — I'm a Christian breather. I don't deserve to have breath in my bones but He said you can breathe today Darren. And He said, you can go and hold your wife's hand today. And so I'm a Christian hand-holder and that's a stupid thing to say, but it's the truth."

The Pearl

Menacing predator prowling

Finding a rebellious heart
Freezes her senses for a moment
Seeking the delicate treasure
But the pearl cannot be touched

Longing for the love she knew

An abyss of her heart silent
Responding to deception

The deceiver whispering lies
The pearl still cannot be touched

The Rescuer hastens
Illuminating an enslaved soul
Waves of mercy wash her heart
Tenderly restoring brokenness

The pearl saved by His Grace

Stephanie White

"C.S. Lewis often alludes to the idea that if we ever truly saw evil —in its unabashed ugliness— we would be so completely reviled and repulsed that we would never choose it."

Rozann Lee, writer for Word on Fire Ministries

Complete Abandonment 

    And then God picked her up, scooping her into His strong arms and without questioning her, He wiped the dirt and tears from her face. She began to weep uncontrollably and tried to mutter.. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to….."  but He just smiled and looking deeply into her green eyes, and pushing back her messy ringlets He whispered… "Shhhhhh, little one, it's ok, it's ok, I found you! Oh how glad I am! I have been looking for you, but everytime I came by you kept running off searching for… something to fill this emptiness inside of you. I'm here now and I won't let anything happen to your soul! You are mine and I have fought for you! I won you! He didn't win, the evil one, and I will forgive and restore you with my Merciful Love! I do not condemn you, for your heart's desire has manifested itself through your tears of shame- your heart's desire is My Merciful Love, and it always belongs to you! Let my Holy Spirit dwell within yours, becoming your soul's delightful resident. Nothing will take you away from that Love!" -Stephanie White