Praying the Rosary, Praying the Gospel

I love the Rosary. It's my weapon against evil, it's my tool for building faith, it's the way of uniting one's soul so deeply to Christ in the gospel.
When I feel afraid or depressed and it's 3:00 am, I can hold my rosary and invoke Mary's help and always I receive peace. I pray for the reversion of fallen away Catholics, for peace, and for the conversion of sinners.

“Some people are so foolish that they think they can go through life without the help of the Blessed Mother. Love the Madonna and pray the rosary, for her Rosary is the weapon against the evils of the world today. All graces given by God pass through the Blessed Mother.” -St. Padre Pio

"If you don't have the Rosary memorized yet, it's ok.. just hold on to it. You're holding your Mother's hand." –Fr. James Erving

“Say the Holy Rosary. Blessed be that monotony of Hail Mary’s which purifies the monotony of your sins!” -St. Josemaria Escriva

"The Rosary is the Bible on a String" –Fr. Ronan Murphy

Music MondayšŸŽ¶Jason Gray

"The wound is where the light gets in"

" A while back I read a quote by the Persian poet, Rumi. He wrote, “The wound is where the light enters you.” That just sounded like one of the truest things I ever heard, you know. It’s actually a theme I’ve explored in a lot of my music, the idea that it’s in our brokenness that things come alive in us. As a person with a speech handicap, I had to learn early on to stop looking for perfection, obviously. I’ve been pressed over the years to talk about it. The verse that says it’s in our weakness that the strength is perfected, and this is an idea we say amen to and are excited about, but we betray ourselves with our language when we say things like, “Hey, you know what? God’s going to use you in spite of your brokenness or in spite of your imperfections.” I think it’s truer to say that He uses us because of our brokenness. Our imperfections. Those become the places where we meet with the Lord most intimately, and they become places of transformation in us. I’ve had a lot of songs address that over the years. I remember reading once that Rich Mullins once said a preacher has one sermon that he preaches differently each week. I do tend to believe each of us is entrusted with some piece of truth that becomes our core message throughout our lives."

–Jason Gray

Jason Gray meets people all the time who feel that their weaknesses and handicaps keep them from doing great things. But Jason encourages them that God's grace and power flow strong through our brokeness and weakness.

The Wound Is Where The Light Gets In
Jason Gray
I was halfway up the mountain when the rocks I held gave way
I came tumbling like an avalanche to the bottom where I lay
And with the taste of blood and the twist of bone my healing could begin
'Cause the wound is where the light, the wound is where the light
The wound is where the light gets in
I have stood there like a hostage with a knife held to my vein
Captive to the poison that I took to numb the pain
'Cause everybody wishes they were born with thicker skin
But the wound is where the light, the wound is where the light
The wound is where the light gets in
It's tricky how the heart works
When the break ups and the big jerks
Make us never wanna hurt that way again
Maybe I'm naive
But in very scar I see
The place where love is trying to break in

Music MondayšŸŽ¶ Being On Fire For God

Darren Mulligan of "We are Messengers"

Discovering musicians who have honesty and passion laying the groundwork for their music challenges one to seek the truth within ourselves. Hearing the Message from songs inspired by God moves one to open the heart to those "messengers set on fire" by the Holy Spirit and if the person's spirit is touched, it can not stay still; it moves to spread God's love everywhere, touching souls and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are Messengers:

One young Irishman struck by God's love could not turn back to his darkness once the light of the Holy Spirit captured his soul.

Darren and Heidi Mulligan and their children

His story inspires us to look deeper, to let go of selfishness and to respond to the Truth of our lives- that we are God's Beloved children. Mercy from God poured into Darren Mulligan and his song became the voice of Jesus.

Darren Mulligan:

" I am a Christian daddy, a Christian husband, a Christian racquetball player. I'm a Christian voter, I am a Christian gardener. Whatever I do, I do it in His name. I have no issue with bands that say, 'You know what, I'm an artist who believes in Christ but we're not Christian artists.' I get why you say that [but] I'm not ashamed of Him, what He has done for me, I will never…in my life ever turn around say, 'I'm not a Christian anything.'"

He concluded, "Everything I do is imbued with His goodness. The fact that I can breathe today — I'm a Christian breather. I don't deserve to have breath in my bones but He said you can breathe today Darren. And He said, you can go and hold your wife's hand today. And so I'm a Christian hand-holder and that's a stupid thing to say, but it's the truth."