She touched their hearts

Ten years come and gone.. 

2007, another summer comes and my Mother is driving up from NC to see us. She’s taking us all back to stay awhile, to visit friends, have some beach fun, and to taste Jackson’s BBQ and Trolly Stop Hotdogs. We’d go together and she’ll get their pictures made, in sunshine colors and beach themed background.
Known as “Nanny” to her five grandchildren, she was a soft spoken beautiful lady, one of the best Grandmothers anyone could have. Devoted, full of stories of her youth and times at the beach with my sister and I; raising us with love, filling our hearts and heads with memories that we share with our kids.

Wrightsville Beach, NC is indeed a very special place for our family. Each year we grow older yet the charm never fades from our special place.

Ten years have past this week since our last visit with my Momma, “Nanny”. And the children remember ¬†very special times with her. She loved her children and grandchildren tenderly and gave the best gift she could give: faith, her time, love, and devotion to them. I miss her- she passed away in 2008.

Those people whom we treasure, who teach, love, give of themselves selflessly become the very ones God takes into His arms at life’s end. They are the ones who give others true knowledge of God’s kingdom on earth, through life experiences and encouragement to follow the path God lays out for them.

Yes it is bittersweet but special to mark this week’s ten year anniversary of the last visit with her- but Nanny still is close- only a prayer away.