Quotes From Bishop Barron

"Forgiveness is such an anchor of the New Testament, and so central to Jesus' ministry and preaching. This is such an anchor of the New Testament, and so central to Jesus' ministry and preaching. When it comes to the offenses that we have received from others, we are, all of us, great avatars of justice. We will remember every insult, every snub, and every shortcoming, when it comes to our being hurt by others. That's why forgiving even once or twice is so difficult.

Forgiving seven times, as Peter suggests, is beyond the pale. Yet Jesus says to him, "I say to you, not seven times but seventy-seven times." In other words, forgive constantly, relentlessly, without calculation. Your whole life must become an act of forgiveness.

Here is the spiritual heart of the matter: whatever anyone owes you (in strict justice) is infinitely less than what God has graciously given to you; the divine forgiveness of you is infinitely greater than any forgiveness you might be called upon to offer.

Becoming an instrument of God's life, grace, forgiveness, and peace is what it is all about. Allow to flow through you what has been poured into you—that is the whole story."

The Pearl

Menacing predator prowling

Finding a rebellious heart
Freezes her senses for a moment
Seeking the delicate treasure
But the pearl cannot be touched

Longing for the love she knew

An abyss of her heart silent
Responding to deception

The deceiver whispering lies
The pearl still cannot be touched

The Rescuer hastens
Illuminating an enslaved soul
Waves of mercy wash her heart
Tenderly restoring brokenness

The pearl saved by His Grace

Stephanie White

"C.S. Lewis often alludes to the idea that if we ever truly saw evil —in its unabashed ugliness— we would be so completely reviled and repulsed that we would never choose it."

Rozann Lee, writer for Word on Fire Ministries